Such a versatile plant with so many uses and pretty much something for everyone. Whether you are a user, medical or recreational or an enthusiast, here there is something for every like in the whole of the industry. Go on and click these links to find all of what you need or want.

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A great time


December are here and while some people are already starting the holidays, others still have to wait it out just for a little bit. It’s the time of year when we get exposed to tons of specials and great buys. Whether it is for someone else or yourself its always nice to get something special and not having to be overcharged for it.

In some cases the vendors will push up prices just before December just to put stuff on special which is then sold at a marked up price still. There are some places that doesn’t do that.

Go on. Get yourself or that special someone something great. Maybe you have a friend that would love a certain strain and here you can buy them the seeds here. Maybe you know someone that would like MJ printed socks or a jacket. All of that you can find here. Need equipment to grow. Get it here.


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The 3 Generals


Who are we talking about?

The whole of the Cannabis industry can be divided into these 3 main sectors that drives and controls everything in the existence of Cannabis. The three so called general would then be…..




Yes, if not for these 3 ruling factors this plant would have not reached into the lives of many and for most of those lives, it be for the better. We see 3 industries here that have been around for thousands of years and probably the most key player in all of this…. The Cultivator. Without people that build knowledge, train and learn the finer understanding of this process, the end product can simply not have made it this far. Every industry strives to have the best quality and the grower or cultivator delivers just that. Growing marijuana is an art form by itself. Having the right knowledge and understanding of the plants and how they develope, makes all the difference.


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Growing can be very insightful and rewarding.



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The indoor grower

Thinking of growing indoors?

Indoor growing can be great fun but if you don’t have the right info, equipment and base plan you are setting yourself up to fail. Check our blog on “Grow manuals and info” Setting up can take some work but if done right the possibilities are huge. Plants that are grown well indoors can most definitely be some of thee most potent stuff that you will ever get your hands on. Thick juicy buds covered in resin and flavors that make you smile over and over.

Equipment is extremely important but luckily quite easy to come by. Amazon has most of what you will need and they deliver right to your door in no time.

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Once you have your setup going and everything is running smoothly, we are talking about air flow, temperature, Co2 levels and humidity is all in place its time to introduce your seeds and start the grow smoothly.

All the info you need can be found at ILGM. From start to finish Robert Bergman will guide you in detail how to walk the path to success. His manual even helps you choose the right equipment.

Always keep in mind that growing bad genetics in a good grow room or growing great genetics in a bad grow room, neither is going to deliver what you seek.


Git it right on both sides and sweet success is on your side all the way.

Get your equipment at Amazon.

Get your manual and seeds at ILGM.

Grow the best stuff you have ever seen and have all the help you need all the way


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Festive greetings

November is nearing its end, December is on our doorstep and its time to get the festive arrangements in order. We all have that feeling of another year coming to its end and that the time is here to go out and get some presents. Luckily with technology a lot of shopping can be done online and if you are reading this I bet some of that stuff will include some cool weed goodies. Maybe some branded clothing or something more in the line of accessories. Make life easy on yourself and click on these links to get the best stuff online.

Gifts, goodies, decorations and much much more. Cool products at cool prices




Whether you’re getting something for yourself or for somebody else, online is always a good place to look.

Great products at discounted prices and lots of freebies.

Seeds can make a great gift if you know someone that loves to grow cannabis or maybe if you would just like to get yourself something and you can find seeds right here

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Grow manuals and info

The understanding of grow manuals 101

ILGM has got a great grow manual.

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For more specific books and goodies we suggest:



Having healthy plants is good for the soul



So Let’s say you want to start your own grow but you are not sure where to start. You grab a grow manual and start reading, getting half-way through you realize you still don’t know where to start. That is what normally happens if you read a grow manual like a story book. There are some real good growing books out there but it helps nothing if they explain everything like you are already an advanced grower.

Understanding a growing manual

If you have ever read a cook book or recipe then you have a basic idea of the way in which a grow manual should be read. You see if you read the whole recipe and then start, it is always necessary to refer back to the recipe and follow the steps as instructed. This is the exact way to read and understand the manual. Reading all the instructions and being bombarded with terms you still have to learn makes it quite difficult to stay on track. The best way to stay focused is to refer back to the manual. After reading each section about ten times and practically applying what is instructed the whole picture becomes clearer with each step you take.

Robert Bergman has a free beginners manual that makes the learning process an exciting and enjoyable path to success.




Download the free Marijuana Grow Bible


I know that most of you are reading this and thinking. Why should I follow someone else’s foot steps? I want to do my own thing and give it personal touch.

The thing about growing cannabis is that there is a lot to learn and understand before you can take your good genetic seeds and grow them into beautiful healthy plants. Taking a seed and growing it would give you something yes but not something great. Taking good genetics and growing it with the right knowledge gives you something spectacular.

I would personally suggest getting a manual, follow the steps, apply in practice and then once you have all of this behind you and your plants are starting to look like professionally grown plants, you start to add your own touches little by little. By doing this even complete novice growers can work themselves up the ladder quickly and become master cultivators of this magical and wonder plant

Cookies Anyone?

( Girl Scout Cookies that is )

Or GSC rather, due to some confliction to actual product girl scout cookies.

The well-known strain GSC is one of the worlds favorites and today we are going to look into the strain a little deeper!

Find the absolute best GSC seeds here!!!!!!!

I Love Growing Marijuana


GSC is a Sativa dominant hybrid originating from California USA and is the angel child which was born from having parents with great genetics. Sprouting fourth was a creation so sweet and beautiful, it became a world favorite extremely quick. Mixing the pure Sativa strain, Durban Poison from South Africa ( weed loves to grow in S.A ) and O.G Kush strain ( Origin not verified ) but Indica dominant, we now truly have the best of both worlds.


Whether you are a recreational user or someone that uses for medical reasons, this strain will deliver as promised and sooth your needs.

With a strong initial Sativa kick which lasts longer than usual and then ending of in a deep Indica feel this is a great strain which will please people from both likes. Once you have had your taste of this strain it seems as though many of which you knew before just doesn’t add up anymore. Unfortunately GSC is not the easiest strain to come by and in many places over the world, the best way to have and to hold this strain is to grow your own, that is if it is legal in your country. Always make sure your country laws allows it. We do not condone or support any illegal activities.

GSC grows fairly easy and pretty much anywhere, with a little love and care these plants will grow into big lushes bushes full of thick juicy and sticky buds covered in trichomes.

This female has just started to flower and already covered in trichomes

Need help or info on growing? 

Robert Bergman from ILGM has all the answers you need



Free Marijuana Grow Bible


Get your GSC strain here and enjoy from Seed to Ash.

So today we are going to talk about everything cannabis.

Here at Cannabis World we aim to bring a wide and open view into the world of cannabis, also we will provide a variety of means to get into contact with great products and accessories at great discount prices, lots of freebies and all the information you will ever need.

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All people of all interests will find what they are looking for in one place.

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A cool place for lots of goodies is I Love Growing Marijuana.

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AMAZON and E-BAY is great places to go and get yourself really cool Cannabis stuff




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